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Express your style and customize your ride in 3 steps. Be creative in creating your own Joolz Tailor. Choose one of the three basic colours, the colour of your wheels and colour accent for your personal look. Show who you are and make a fashion statement, from pastels to bright!

The Joolz Tailor collection is available in three colours for the Joolz Geo: Noir, Graphite and Gris.


Matching accessories

The Joolz Tailor comes with matching nursery bag and footmuff. The Joolz footmuff keeps your child warm during cold days and wintertime. The lightweight and practical Joolz nursery bag is an essential item that fits all necessary baby items when travelling around.

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Unique details

Unique about the Joolz Tailor collection is the possibility to choose your own colour accent. Choose one of the three basic colours and combine it with a personal colour accent for your handle and bumper bars. There are 120 colour combinations in our unique Joolz Tailor collection.

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