PRESS . 14/02/2019

Lifetime Warranty

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Joolz is excited to announce that they are now offering Joolz owners a lifetime warranty on their prams! Available from now on the Hub and Geo², and the new Day³ model (to be launched in Australia in Autumn 2019).

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Joolz wants new parents to enjoy the ride with their little one as much as possible. That’s why they promise the best quality and service on their latest pram models – Hub, Geo², and Day³. 

How to ensure your lifetime warranty

You simply have to register your new Joolz pram on the website within 6 months of purchase. After your registration, you will receive a lifetime warranty certificate and you’re ready to enjoy carefree strolling for a lifetime. This lifetime warranty is only valid for the first owner and is not transferable.

What is not covered by the warranty?

The Joolz warranty is not valid with:

  • Defects caused by ordinary wear and tear, such as worn wheels and fabrics by everyday use, scratches on the aluminium and/or metal and natural discolouration of materials over time;
  • Damage caused by accidents, improper use, negligence, fire, contact with liquids or another external cause;
  • Damage resulting from non-compliance with the instruction manual, instruction movies or other Joolz guidelines;
  • Damage caused by another product;
  • Damage by service or repair by an unofficial representative of Joolz;
  • Theft


For more information please contact:  or check Q&A here.

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