Joolz Parents: Bek Halliday – Artist stylist mother

Bek is an artist, stylist, influencer and Mumma. Her creations capture the imagination with a whimsical and dreamlike feel. Follow her amazing work here,


Please give us a few sentences about yourself.

I am 35 and married to the love of my life. I always dreamed of having two little girls, and now we have been blessed with three! We live in a coastal town on the NSW Central Coast and absolutely love where we live! I run a creative business called Bek Halliday Art, selling my original art and prints for kids’ rooms, and am also a product stylist.

Tell us a little bit about your 3 children.

Avie is our eldest baby at 8 years old, and she is definitely the mother of the bunch. She is bright, kind and has a sensitive heart. Willow is our little firecracker! She is almost 5 and is definitely our little chatterbox! She is bright, fun and loves so dearly. They are both the most adoring big sisters to our new addition, Miss Daisy. She is now 2 months old and is a total sweetheart.

What has been the best thing about having children and being a mother, is it what you expected, any surprises?

Everything people tell you about having kids is true! The good and the challenging times. They give warmth to your soul, that you never knew you had. It’s an indescribable joy. They surround you with an unimaginable force of love that just keeps on growing.

What best part of being a mother of 3 girls? It that any hard for your hubby?

I love that they will always have each other. I always wanted a sister, and now I have made 3 of them instead. I think that’s pretty magic! My hubby suits having girls so much! He is the sweetest guy and the most amazing father to our girls. I don’t think either of us would know what to do with a boy haha!

Tell us about your art passion.

I have always been creative at heart and have long had a passion for styling and design. I actually studied Fine Art and Interior Design but I have found my own natural talent develop over the years to something that is uniquely me. I love photography too! And am developing my skills and knowledge through practice and just getting the camera out and having a go. As long as I am doing something artistic, I am happy.

We have seen your Instagram pictures and we love your home interior design; the earthy colours that you’ve chosen for decoration creates a very natural environment. How do you get inspired to create such a nice place?

Our Coastal home town has always been a beautiful source of inspiration. I’m inspired by natural elements, both land, and sea. I always love a simple and serene white colour pallet in my home and add homely and earthy textures. I’m a real homebody, so styling and making my home a beautiful space for me and my family just comes naturally to me. Home should be a space you love.

What is your favourite thing about your Geo2 Joolz?

So many things! I love the quality and sturdiness of the Geo2, and the fact that it’s so easy to maneuver, even one-handed. The generous sized shopping basket is definitely a fav!

Do you have a favourite park/ secret spot / walk you go on with kids in
your Joolz?

Yes, we live by a beautiful beach that has a little bay beside it, that has a great walking path. We love to take the girls down there for a stroll or on picnics. It’s a really magical place at sunset, especially when its whale watching season!

What’s the hardest part of being a parent?

Being patient during the tantrum stages!

Any tips or advice for parents having their third child?

Never be afraid to ask for help. Family and loved ones are always there for you. Oh, and if your children are old enough, IPads are a lifesaver if you need some quiet time haha!

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