Traveller Pram Travel Bag
Traveller Pram Travel Bag

Traveller Pram Travel Bag

The arrival of your baby doubles your happiness and your luggage!
Luckily you don't need to worry about your pram any more: it's safely tucked away in the Joolz Traveller. This is not a travel bag for that mountain of nappies, you can buy them once you get there, but for your Joolz pram.
Because when you're on holiday you want just as much comfort as you have at home.


  • Self-standing
  • leatherette details: because they just look so great
  • water-resistant fabric: adventure-proof and all-inclusive-proof
  • handy handle: grab and go
  • two wheels: roll-on, baby
  • folds away: small in size, big in convenience
  • protects against dirt and scratches: like a bodyguard for your pram
  • name tag: handy on the luggage belt
  • Suitable for all current models: Hub, Day³, Geo²; and previous models: Day, Day² & Geo.

Weight: 3.1kg


  • folded: 60 x 20 x 43 cm
  • Day: 89 x 61 x 31 cm
  • Geo as single pram: 95 x 61 x 33 cm
  • Geo as double pram: 95 x 61 x 34 cm

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