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Joolz Day & Geo & Day2

The arrival of your baby doubles your happiness – and your luggage. Luckily you don’t need to worry about your pram any more: it’s safely tucked away in the Joolz traveller. This is not a travel bag for that mountain of nappies – you can buy them there – but for your Joolz Day or Joolz Geo pram. Because when you’re on holiday you want just as much comfort as you have at home.

+ leatherette details
because they just look so great
+ water-resistant fabric
adventure-proof and all-inclusive-proof
+ handy handle
grab and go
+ two wheels
roll on, baby
+ folds away
small in size, big in convenience
+ protects against dirt and scratches
like a bodyguard for your pram
+ name tag
handy on the luggage belt
+ weight: 3,1 kg
+ sizes:

60 x 20 x 43 cm
+Joolz Day
89 x 61 x 31 cm
+Joolz Geo Mono
95 x 61 x 33 cm
+Joolz Geo Duo/Twin
95 x 61 x 34 cm
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